Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bush Rants

I woke up in a ranting mood today. The Economist (which previously has been willing to give Bush the benefit of the doubt, or at least has been circumspect) has come out with a cover article decrying the extent of corruption and cronyism in the Bush government, pointing the finger directly at Bush.

I’d like to be sympathetic towards Dubya; after all, the presidency is a tough job. But being an expatriate in the Bush era is difficult. I’m always apologizing that I didn’t vote for Bush, that in fact his financial manipulations in Texas were enough to incense me (my CPA is from Texas; a bit of a joke post-Enron). If they couldn’t bring down scoundrels like CEO Jeff Skilling or Robert Jaedicke who headed the Enron audit committee and profited from two years of shady stock deals in Enron stock, I doubt they could ever touch Bush. In fact the whole Enron prosecution was a roundup of ‘the usual suspects.’

Hurricane Katrina was Bush’s most recent financial and humanitarian affront to the American people – 1000 American deaths and $200 billion cost, directly under the responsibility of Bush's best buddy, the hapless "Brownie". Only after he was cornered did Bush push "Brownie" to leave.

Are we tired of Iraq yet? 2000 American deaths, and $300 billion per year directly the responsibility of Bush's best buddy "Rummy". Only after he was cornered did ... Oh .. wait ... sorry... I'm reading tomorrow's paper. (In fairness, I do like Rummy's plans for restructuring the military)

Don't get me started on Bush's cynical definition of "conservatism". Bush just loves spending other people’s money (OPM). E.g, his best buddy "DeLay" agreed fully with Bush on the recent highway bill that there just wasn't any more "pork" to cut out of the bill. This is the same bill that will build two Alaskan bridges (with my tax dollars) ... one which connects to a village of 50 Eskimos, and costs $230 million (that's a bit over $2.1 million per Eskimo) and another that connects with an island that is uninhabited and costs $220 million (that's a bit over "does not compute" per Eskimo). What frauds he and Tom Delay both.

That's it! I'm voting for John McCain for president. There's a guy whose an honest conservative, not to mention a real war hero, and lots of other things that Dubya only fanaticizes about.

Unfortunately, as an expatriate I can't vote. The US electoral system requires that you vote for a particular state's electoral college representative – there is no direct presidential voting . But I don't actually have a state of residence. I live outside the US, so my absentee ballot winds up in some stateless electoral black hole, never to count towards anyone. Nonetheless, I DO pay federal taxes. The US is the only country in the world that taxes worldwide income. Even when you renounce your US citizenship, you are liable for taxes for 10 years after renouncing (the US will deny you landing rights, visas, and what-not). This certainly looks to me like taxation without representation – perhaps its time for another tea party (though I understand that the Tea Party was more about the whiskey taxes levied to pay for the French & Indian War; tea just seemed to play better in the media).

I should give Dubya the benefit of the doubt. After all, he has been talking to God. The problem is that all this talk eventually ends up costing me big bucks. Somehow, it seems that the US could find a cheaper way to get oil than whining about Allah and bombing Iraq. Here’s an idea George – why don't you bomb Canada. They've got oil. And they're a heck of a lot closer. I wouldn't put it past Dubya though, but not without a Karl Rove inspired media buildup, complete with stories of WMD e.g., bomb-carrying moose trained to cross remote wooded borders.

Anything could happen. What with ‘Book of Virtues’ Bennett suggesting aborting black babies and Pat Robertson advocating assassination of Hugo Chavez (so much for ‘Pro-Life’), I’m increasingly disappointed by how pathetic and morally bankrupt the Christian Right has grown. These folks are cynically waving the ‘morality’ flag and preaching from the bible all to their own selfish (and increasingly perverse) ends. There is nothing remotely Christian nor moral about premeditated murder. Nor worse, genocide as Bennett is proposing. I think you've got to be a bit sick to even pay attention to these loonies.


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